Hosting a kids' birthday party on a budget

When pulling together ideas for kids parties, the initial excitement can quickly become overwhelming when the costs mount up! We took a look at some of the ways you can create a value for money birthday party experience that still feels special.


Manage the guest list

The costs of a birthday party quickly spiral when the guest list grows. Remember, it doesn’t need to be huge for your child to have a good time! Even if they are popular in their class or they’ve had lots of invites to other parties, it’s ok to not give in to the pressure if taking on 30 children is too much. Plus, a smaller guest list means your child gets more quality time with their family and friends and might be less likely to get overwhelmed.

Location, location, location

You might feel the pressure to book an amazing location and perhaps it might feel easier booking somewhere where staff might be able to help, but by having the party at home, you can save money and do it all your way! It will also save you time on the day not having to travel to set up at a location and you can clear it all up in your own time rather than being on the deadline of a local hall. Plus, when you host the party at your home, you can pop into your bedroom for a quick breather and a moment of calm during the party!

Digitise the invites

Whilst receiving a printed invite can be lovely, a lot of them end up stuffed in a drawer and forgotten about! An email or text invitation will not only save you money, but they are also more likely to get speedy responses. Remember, invites are for you to manage the guest list and are not something your child is likely to get excited about. If you still have your heart set on traditional invites, why not have a go at making them? Not only can this be cost-effective, but you can also get your child involved too to make them feel involved in the party planning.

Keep the food simple

Often, at a kids' party, they are so excited it’s impossible to get them to sit down to eat, so don’t go mad on huge amounts of food! Think about food that’s good for little hands, such as finger sandwiches, cocktail sausages, small cucumber sticks and cut up grapes. Remember, if you host a party over lunch or tea time, you are more likely to be expected to provide a full meal, whereas, for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon party, some light snacks will be plenty.

How about a birthday party in a box to save you time and money? Our Piñata Birthday Party in a Box comes with all the ingredients, equipment, and instructions you’ll need to make a whole birthday cake, 12 cupcakes, and 16 mini brownie cakes!

Classic games

Again, this is where keeping it simple pays off. Think back to your childhood and a lot of the most popular party games were classics like What’s The Time Mr Wolf? or Musical Statues! You could even do a mini sports day inspired games session with a sack race, egg and spoon race and a relay race. Your child could even create medals in advance, which is a low-cost prize with a personal touch!

Get savvy with the decorations

Most adults look back at their birthday parties and remember the excitement of friends, presents, games and blowing out the candles on their cake, not the decorations, so step away from Instagram and Pinterest! It’s so easy to get carried away and spend a fortune on tiny décor details. Keep the decorations simple with some colourful balloons and bunting that kids love.

Keep an eye out throughout the year when you're shopping too. If you spot some bargain birthday decorations, snap them up and tuck them away ready for the next birthday party. Future you will be grateful!

Party bags – less is more!

If your budget is really getting stretched, don’t feel the pressure to send all the guests away with a party bag just because it’s tradition (some parents might be grateful not to leave with a bag full of plastic toys!). If you would like to send each child home with a thank you treat and a piece of birthday cake, create a small gift bag with a few sweets or a cookie inside tied with a ribbon at the top.

Use your home hobbies

Sometimes, utilising your own interests can create a brilliant and unique party! If you’re into camping, why not pop your tent out in the garden and let your children (if they are old enough) have a camping sleepover adventure for their party? If you’re hosting a party in the summer, dig out that paddling pool or slip ‘n’ slide, which will keep kids entertained easily for hours.

Perhaps, if you’re a creative family, you could host a craft party where the children can all make something simple they get to take home. Most kids just love experiencing something different to their own home, so you’ll be surprised how much something that feels ordinary to you is an adventure for other children!

Sleepover parties

Often, for kids, a party doesn’t have to be grand and spectacular for it to be memorable. For older children, a sleepover with their closest friends will often create some of their fondest memories as they grow up. Choosing their favourite film, snacks and treats with a cosy den set up in the living room will feel like the ultimate treat and will cost you much less than a fancy party!

Yes, you might be kept up with some late-night giggling, but your only real cost will be the food. Plus, you can keep the fun going the next day with breakfast; simple pancakes, pastries and fruits will feel like a real treat.

Our top tips will make planning your child's next birthday party a total breeze!


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