It's not just bread we've been baking...

Kitchens across the land were busy making a whole range of baked goods - from brioche to cupcakes, cookies to pizza bases. Baking was back with a vengeance. Britain's kitchens, may of which has lain mostly dormant for years, were suddenly very much alive again, as bubbly, yeasty mixes rose in countless bowls throughout the land.

Perhaps the only downside to this particular aspect of the Covid restrictions is that we are not able to have unexpected guests turn up to appreciate the warm, welcoming aroma of something baking in the oven. But whether we are baking just for ourselves or our very close family, baking is such a rewarding use of our time. Home-baked bread is very rarely wasted - even when stale; almost forgotten recipes for bread pudding and bread and butter pudding are reviving too.

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