Make a difference with the Mindful Baking Box

We face challenging times at the moment. A seemingly never-ending lockdown accompanied by job insecurity, loneliness, health worries and the colder days and nights bundles up to make a concoction of anxiety or stress for many of us.

As you might have seen on social media, many people are using this downtime to take up baking and we fully support this notion as it can be calming, therapeutic and rewarding (as well as resulting in some delicious treats). It is because we recognise the positive impact of baking on our mental wellbeing that we have introduced the Mindful Baking Box.

This box not only does good for its recipient, but also, with every purchase, the difference between the manufacture and retail price is donated to the - 

Mental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading charity that supports mental health.

What’s in the box?

The Mindful Baking Box is specially designed to soothe and calm its user with specific recipes that exuberant warm and comforting aromas and involve mindful cooking techniques to target concentration as a form of meditation.

The kit contains three recipes and the first recipe in there is a delicious focaccia. Focaccia is a type of flat Italian bread made with yeast and olive oil and can be flavoured with herbs. The smell of a freshly baked loaf will do wonders for your home and all who occupy it!

The next recipe is for scrumptious berry cupcakes. There is nothing more therapeutic than concentrating on crafting the perfect icing for these delicate little treats. Perfect if you have young ones to entertain, you can decorate them as you choose with different colours, shapes and patterns.

The final recipe is for gorgeous Tuscan polenta bread, which sounds challenging but with our easy step-by-step guide, we assure you that you’ll be winning over the hearts of anyone who can smell the delicious flavours that waft out of your kitchen – a perfect confidence boost to those who need it!

Click here to find out more and treat yourself or a loved one who needs it to a little bit of self-care and indulgence.

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