About Us

A Freshly Baked Idea

As young bakers & foodies we loved to try new ideas and recipes but found really good bakeware and the professional kit we used at work was really hard to get & expensive and you had to get a bit here and a bit there, all those delivery charges, then when it do come you had to think about what you were going to bake and then you had to the  supermarket where there is so much choice you just don’t know what to buy and let’s be honest it’s not the best. so you end up with a box full of bakeware and nothing to bake.

Perfecting the recipe 

Then we realised: it's not just about the super light carbon steel cake tins or the digital thermometer to temper chocolate or those amazing stainless steel mixing bowls or oven timers and , the ergonomically shaped spatula, the grip-proof tongs, it’s about the amazing ingredients like the non-bleached flour, real bakers yeast, divine Belgian chocolate or really great tasting cupcake frosting..

We joined and became a bakers dozen 

Then we looked around and used our contacts in the industry and we looked for a company that could make our baking activity boxes and that’s when we met the founder of Britain Loves Baking, we shared our little idea, they helped us out and even gave us some seed money to get our project off the ground. they loved the idea so much they ended up buying it..so here we are in out new home at bakery towers part of an ever growing baking family.

Sharing our baking love with the world 
We are addicted to useful and beautiful bakeware and the finest quality ingredients which inspire us and we only buy the best, because we only want something very simple for our customers: the best

So we didn’t develop our products around what everyone else is doing, like the bright kids at Noah’s Box or copy Amazon’s hot selling list or the latest 300-piece cake decorating kit from wish.com (take away the 20 disposable icing bags and 100 cupcake cakes and the 120 nozzles and see what your left with!)

No, we developed them with feedback from bakers up and down the country and the baking family at Britain Loves Baking…yes that’s you!  and we turned all the insight into bundles you want to buy.

 He bakes, she bakes we all bake together 

All our products are selected and tested by us and then we create and make one of our yummy baking  activity boxes, bundle it all together and deliver it to your door, so you get everything you need to start baking the second your box arrives, the next day!

Have you got a part baked idea? let do it together 

if you have an idea for a bundle or a product drop us a line at inventions@thebakersbundle.com and one of the team will get up a video chat and let see if we can’t create it together.

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