Branded Gifts & Bakeware sets - The Bakers Annual 2020

Branded Gifts & Bakeware sets - The Bakers Annual 2020

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156-page Annual full of our favourite 2020 recipes from the bakers at Britain Loves Baking and the latest addition to our Bakeware collection this ultra-slim British Designed Digital Scales.

A Message from Greg the baker...
"One good thing that came out of this past year is this we have become a nation of bakers and it brought people together with young and old sharing recipes and seeing kids scratch baking.

I am 5 ingredients, no more type of baker and we should celebrate the simplicity of flavours and classic techniques, some of which were dying out are now all the rage and we captured in this 156 pages of our favourite 2020 recipe from the bakers at Britain Loves Baking. A well known as the home of family baking. Bakers UK-wide, including many celebrity customers, has been enjoying the company’s baking boxes during the lockdown. These baking boxes provide all the ambient and dry ingredients and recipes needed to help learn new baking skills and create amazing bakery-quality treats at home.

I hope the recipes that you thought were outside of your experience are reassuringly similar to things you’ve made a dozen times before. This book will give you the confidence to experiment with flavour, and the variations that follow are a springboard of inspiration to the contents of your kitchen cupboards. You will, in short, learn to bake ‘by heart’– and that is where the fun really begins. The recipes in this book have been gathered from our amazing Top Bakers, Libby Bates our social media baker, the winners of Helen Douglas Hospice -Virtual Bake-Off Competition to our fellow bakers from around the world and a selection of mine from my travels around the world and the heyday of my misspent youth and passed on to me by my Grandmother."

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