Pancake Mix  Box Wholesale Case

Pancake Mix Box Wholesale Case

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The Britain Loves Baking Pancake Box comes with 3 pancake batter mixes come with all the dry and ambient ingredients customers need to make.  Each bag makes enough to make about 20 per mix so offers great value to the customer and they dont have to buy anything else just fresh dairy to make these amazing pancakes.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.  Case Size 12X 980g boxes 

  • American style chocolate pancakes
  • Zingy Lemon pancakes
  • Cinnamon & Banana Crepes

The recipe is printed inside the box lid and customers just need to add some milk and eggs Each box has a 6 month shelf life and each box makes 20 pancakes each box comes with

  • 100ml Bottle of  British Rapeseed 
  • 3 bags of Pancake mix (Chocolate, Lemon, Cinnamon & Banana)
  • 1 Bottle (10mls) Natural Lemon Compound 
  • 1X bottle Vanilla 

Why Buy From Us

  • All our baking boxes are handcrafted using the finest quality ingredients All packed with a lot to baking love to be made by your customers. 
  • Free sale promotion materials and give away promos to help drive sales 
  • Free Social Media content for you to use 
  • On trend and innovative recipes customers want to try 
  • We dont sell to supermarkets 

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